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Toshiba 1722TB TV
The key with the vertical line 2/3 of the way across brings up an arrow.
Use the left or right arrows (sometimes marked + and -) to tune, then when the station you want is viewed

type in the number of the preset.
After a second or two it reverts to normal and is stored.



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A lot of people buy a new TV because they are unable to retune their existing TV when they move house as they no longer have the TV manual/user guide
There are basically 3 types of remote control:-
An Original (Genuine) remote control as supplied by the manufacturer from new (or an updated version thereof),
a Direct Replacement remote control which is an electronically identical "clone" of the Original but cosmetically different,
or a Universal Remote Control.

Universal Remote Controls generally only provide limited functionality such as volume and channel changing, and require a code to be input in order for it to work.



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