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suitable for KV-M1420U, KV-M1421U, KV-M1420L, KV-M1401U, KV-M201U, KV-M2141U, KV-M2140U, KV-2141L, KV-M2140L

  1. Press simultaneously SHIFT and PRESET,  a TV Tuning bar and currently selected program position will appear flashing on the screen

  2. using the numeric buttons, input program position to be tuned

  3. press and hold simultaneously SHIFT and + or - to search up or down

  4. press and hold simultaneously SHIFT and PRESET to store, the program position number will stop flashing.



Sony KV-M1401U

  1. Turn TV on,

  2. Select the target channel button (eg 3)

  3. Press the key marked with the diamond with the line going into it from the left hand side.  This makes "UHF" and some vertical lines flash on screen.

  4. Find the symbol that looks like a rectangle with a vertical line in it and left and right arrows, probably close to the diamond with the arrow going into it. This represents scanning channels and will have a "+" and "-" key. Use the "+" button to search up the frequency.

  5. When the correct station shows (easiest to have another TV tuned somewhere to hand to compare station transmission) press the key again with the diamond with the line going into it from the left hand. This removes the "UHF" overtype, & the station is set.

  6. Repeat from 2, ensuring that you do not have an already selected station number up, including for any satellite, DVD etc peripherals.



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A lot of people buy a new TV because they are unable to retune their existing TV when they move house as they no longer have the TV manual/user guide
There are basically 3 types of remote control:-

An Original (Genuine) remote control as supplied by the manufacturer from new (or an updated version thereof),
a Direct Replacement remote control which is an electronically identical "clone" of the Original but cosmetically different,
or a Universal Remote Control.

Universal Remote Controls generally only provide limited functionality such as volume and channel changing, and require a code to be input in order for it to work.


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