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Channels may be pre-set (tuned in) by either automatic TV Tuning or manual channel number selection.

  1. Press the CH-PRESET button to access the on-screen menu

  2. select the item to be preset by pressing the Volume + or - button, the selected function will blink.

  • Channel Position Number
    Select a channel position number using the CHANNEL +/- buttons or the CHANNEL SELECTOR buttons. for numbers 1 to 9 and 0, press the appropriate number buttons, for numbers 10 to 59 first press the "*" button then the two numbers.

  • Real Channel Number
    a) Direct Channel Selection
        press the CM button and then pressing the two numbers for the channel required
    b) Auto-Search TV Tuning.
        If you do not know the real channel number, you can use automatic search TV Tuning. Press the AUTO-SEARCH button, the automatic search will start TV Tuning upwards from the channel number shown on the display and will stop at the first station.. If this is not the one you want, press the AUTO-SEARCH button again.

When you have finished pre-setting the required channels, press the CH-PRESET button to switch the TV Tuning system off.




General TV Tuning Method 1


applies to models with TV Tuning/PRESET button on the front panel

  1. Press the TV Tuning/PRESET button to IN position

  2. Press SEARCH/TUNE + or - to tune

  3. Press front panel STORE/MEMORY button if fitted or press TV Tuning/PRESET button to OUT position


General TV Tuning Method 2


Applies to models with either two TV Tuning buttons or a CH-PRESET button on the handset.

  1. Simultaneously press the two TV Tuning buttons or the CH-PRESET button, the TV Tuning screen will appear with the current program position highlighted.

  2. Press the numeric buttons to select the program position to tune, even if already highlighted

  3. Press CH to highlight the TV Tuning bar

  4. Press Volume + or - to search up or down. Search stops automatically when a signal is found. If it is not the correct signal press Volume + or - to continue searching.

  5. when the correct signal has been found, wait 3 seconds and it will be stored automatically.

  6. Press both the TV Tuning buttons or CH-PRESET button to exit



General TV Tuning Method 3

Applies to models with INSTALL button on handset

  1. Press INSTALL, the install menu will appear

  2. Press BLUE  to select Manual TV Tuning, Manual TV Tuning menu appears

  3. Use numeric buttons to select the program position to tune, even if already showing on screen

  4. Highlight Channel

  5. Press Volume +/- to search up or down, the channel line will turn RED whilst searching and change to white when a signal is found. If it is not the cocrrect signal press Volume +/- to continue searching.

  6. Press STORE to memorise

  7. Press INSTALL twice to exit


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A lot of people buy a new TV because they are unable to retune their existing TV when they move house as they no longer have the TV manual/user guide
There are basically 3 types of remote control:-
An Original (Genuine) remote control as supplied by the manufacturer from new (or an updated version thereof),
a Direct Replacement remote control which is an electronically identical "clone" of the Original but cosmetically different,
or a Universal Remote Control.

Universal Remote Controls generally only provide limited functionality such as volume and channel changing, and require a code to be input in order for it to work.




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