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General Tip


Bush TVs often require you to press and hold the MENU key down to access the TV Tuning menu. Once activated, the VOLUME +/-,  PROGRAM +/- and STANDBY buttons are used.



Bush Internet TV
ITV6000 Series


Not strictly TV Tuning but when first using the Bush Internet TV remote control, or when changing the batteries, you need to "activate" the remote control using the following procedure:-

  1. Open the remote control keyboard

  2. Press and HOLD the LEFT SCROLL, DOWN SCROLL, RIGHT SCROLL keys (lower right corner) as well as the number 1 key (on the top row next to ESC)

  3. Hold all 4 buttons down together for 5+ seconds

  4. Release the keys

  5. Disconnect the TV from the mains for 10 seconds then reconnect.





There are two ways to tune the TV:-

  1. Manual - where you control the tuning process

  2. Autoprogram - where the TV does it all automatically

Both methods require you to access the Setup menu, which can be done in two ways, either by pressing the blue SETUP button or press the Menu button and use the Program Down button to select SETUP. Press the OK button to enter the SETUP menu. (please note that if you do not press any button for 15 seconds the TV will exit the menu system)


Manual Tuning

  1. In the setup menu select PROG NUMBER and change it to the channel/button number you wish to tune (ie, if you want to tune channel 2 to BBC2, change this to 02)

  2. Use the Program Down key to select SEARCH

  3. Press Volume Up or Volume Down to start the tuning scan.

  4. When a strong signal is found the tuning scan will stop.

  5. Identify the channel and if necessary change the PROG NUMBER to correspond to the channel you wish to store this as

  6. Use the Program Down key to select STORE and then press the OK button. "STORED" will then be displayed.

  7. Repeat the process for the other channels by going back to the Search option and pressing Volume Up or Volume Down.


  1. In the setup menu select AUTOPROGRAM using the Program Down key

  2. Press OK

  3. From the list of countries select UK and press OK

  4. To cancel press Menu twice

  5. Once the scan is complete AUTOPROGRAM SORTING will appear on screen as the channels are put in the correct order, after which it will go to the first program stored.



How to remove the lock on a Bush LCD TV

Press the channel up and down together the menu will come up then you can use the volume up and down to toggle on what you want.
If that does not work you will have to call the tech to lift off the eeprom from out of the set and resolder it back, so that the TV could reset itself.





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A lot of people buy a new TV because they are unable to retune their existing TV when they move house as they no longer have the TV manual/user guide
There are basically 3 types of remote control:-
An Original (Genuine) remote control as supplied by the manufacturer from new (or an updated version thereof),
a Direct Replacement remote control which is an electronically identical "clone" of the Original but cosmetically different,
or a Universal Remote Control.

Universal Remote Controls generally only provide limited functionality such as volume and channel changing, and require a code to be input in order for it to work.



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